Stewarding Team

Running Border War each year takes a small team. The event steward can be contacted via email and will forward on details as appropriate.

This list will be updated as more people join the team,


Stewards Baroness Cairistiona Inghean Raghnaill and Lady Isolda Deye
Deputy / Constable & COVID Lady Mýrún katla and Lord Undewyn Maccuswell of Bordescros
Deputy / Market etc TBC
Herald in Charge  TH Lady Gabrielle Hamilton
Marshal in Charge TBC
Archery Marshal in Charge TBC
Rapier Marshal in Charge Lady Elizabeth La Chatte
A&S Lady Inga Knutsdotter
Lists TBA
Youth Activities TBA
Kitchen Lady Isolda Deye and team


“Heinrich von Breslau” from Codex Manesse, circa 1305-1340