Classes and Workshops

“Henricus de Alemannia in Front of His Students” by Laurentius de Voltolina, circa 1350

We are pleased to announce the following confirmed classes:


Day Instructor Topic Cost location
1500-1600 Mistress Lowry Ferch Gwynwynwyn Discussion group

Name:  Mongolian-(ish) Food from 1300s to 1600s – the vision behind the feast.

A chat about Mongolian Food: how we know what they ate, how the feast was designed, and how it caters to those with modern dietary restrictions.”

NIL Main Hall
1000-1100 Lady Magdalena af Husum Diapering for Illumination


NIL Main Hall
1000-1300 Ingham Hunttar Introduction to leather sewing

Learning the process of hand sewing a small pouch and dyeing it.

$25 On the verandah
1100-1200 Mistress Isabella de Bordeaux “Heraldry – got your device now what?” I will be going over how to display your device and/or badge. Handouts will be available. NIL Main Hall
1300-1400 Baroness Elenora de la Birche 16th Century Moghul women’s dress

Discussion Group

NIL Main Hall
1000-1100 Lady Isolda Deye Medieval Military Medicine NIL Main Hall
1100-1200 Lord Gillucan ua Tomaltaig “Renga in a Ring: Improvised Japanese Poetry

The renga is a linked poem, composed by a group of poets who each add a stanza in turn. The poem moves from thought to thought as more stanzas are added, with the essence of the poetry lying in the concept of ‘change’ as the thoughts develop and diverge.


The class will start with a brief talk on the history and compositions of renga as a poetic form, and conclude with the attendees collaborating together to write a renga of their own (in English, following traditional poetic forms).”

NIL Main Hall


Note that we will likely have an “Artisan’s Row” or at least an “Artisan’s Corner” for those that wish to spin, weave, embroider etc while chatting…