Combat Information

“Battle of Crécy” from a 15th century illuminated manuscript of Jean Froissart’s Chronicles.

Gather your War Band!

Baronial, Shire, Household – any war band is welcome. Don your armour and break out your fanciest banners! The Declaration of War will be made at Saturday morning’s Opening Gathering on the Village Green, when War Bands will parade in all their heraldic glory before the populace to declare the side they will support!

Fighters are also asked to bring an item for the War Chest.

War Points include all fighting styles: archery, heavy, rapier.

War will begin after opening court, dependant on temperature, on the Saturday. As it will be late Feb, please keep in mind that the day time temperatures can climb to the 40*C’s (on a bad day) but are more likely to be in the high 20*C -High 30*C. To mix things up the event *may* include a “Naval” battle, to help cool off the fighters as well as spectator participation.

Marshal-in-Charge will be (TBA)


This is a competition that encompasses all aspects of Border War for War Bands/Households consisting of up to 10 members. The group entry with the highest overall score will be the winner and take home the War Chest to which all participants are requested to contribute. To earn WAR POINTS there will be:

  • War Scenarios
  • ‘Naval’ Battles
  • Fighter Tournament
  • Archery Tournament
  • Rapier Tournament
  • Arts & Sciences Competition
  • The Gywnfor Llwyd Memorial ‘Mouth From the South’ Bardic Competition
  • Best Presented War Band (to be judged during the Declaration of War straight after Armour Inspection on Saturday morning)

Points will be awarded for entering an activity and to the War Bands on the winning side of each battle. There is a points system for the tournaments and competitions: 1 point per entrant in each activity or war scenario (1 point per A&S category) with bonus points for first (3), second (2) & third (1).

Please bring something to add to the War Chest.